Silly Things That Lead to Serious Consequences - How Families Fall Apart

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 11:42am

Divorce rates have skyrocketed in the past number of years with the rate at 50%, which leads to many problems within the family setting. Understanding how to communicate and get along with a spouse, as well as with children, is a valuable tool that obtaining a masters in human services can provide. There are many issues families have to deal with daily--some of these can be serious--but oftentimes, they're just petty things, and can include:

Misunderstandings--Silly arguments can lead to major problems, if they're not cleared up and the person misunderstands the other person's point of view. 

Money issues--This is a huge issue and one that can tear families apart. Dealing with overwhelming debt, not enough money for necessities, or a spouse's spending problem, can create a rift between spouses, which spill over to their children.

Household chores--If both spouses work, but only one does most of the housework, it can lead to resentment. 

Disciplining children--sometimes spouses think their way is the right way and they won't budge on their opinions on teaching children discipline. This can create a division between parent and child, as well as parent to parent.

Intimate relations--This is a touchy subject for couples, especially if it includes the decision on whether to have more children or children, period. It can also include lack of desire on the part of one or both spouses or couples.

Alcohol or drugs--These can be quite serious if the spouse has an addiction, but oftentimes, selfishness rears its ugly head, when one spouse wants to "check out" when problems become too much to handle.

Not enough time together--In order for a relationship to survive and flourish, you have to leave quality time for each other and your children, if you have them. Dating each other is the best way to keep the flame alive.

Stress--When too many things are going on and stress levels increase, it can create issues that otherwise may not pose a problem.

Lack of being or feeling needed--When a spouse feels they aren't needed in a relationship, families can fall apart, because the spouse may go somewhere else in order to feel that need; this human emotion can be better understood when you gain a masters in human services.

Lack of compatibility--When two people first became a couple, they did everything together, but spouse's hobbies and likes change over the years, or maybe devoting the same, quality time, isn't a priority anymore.

The problems couples may experience can lead to serious consequences, such as separation and divorce. However, obtaining a masters in human services and gaining a better understanding of how the human mind works will go a long ways toward repairing or preventing families from falling apart and becoming just another statistic.  


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