Are You a People Person: Consider these Career Paths

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 8:19am

Choosing the right career that suits you could mean the difference between simply earning a living or getting paid to do what you love. The key to making the best choice for your career path is to dissect the very things that make up your personality and interests. If you have always been a people person who loves to throw great gatherings, chances are that a hospitality degree is the right fit for you.

What kind of careers can be obtained with a hospitality degree? Here are a few of the many careers to choose from:

Hotel and Lodging Management

Hotel managers work well with other people and possess strong organizational skills. The key to being a good hotel manager is to thoroughly understand the elements of the ideal guest experience. The business side of hotel management also plays an important role in the success of the establishment. Legal knowledge, revenue management, and sales knowledge is indispensable to a hotel manager. 

Restaurant and Food Service Management

Owning or managing a restaurant requires a certain finesse that must be paired with crucial business skills. With a focus on restaurant and food service management, knowledge of event marketing and food service strategies are very important. With a hospitality degree concentrated in restaurant and food service management, you could land a career as a restaurant manager, catering, or hotel.

Meetings and Event Management

Behind every meeting, gala, and festival there is someone behind the scenes who is very business savvy and has an eye for detail to make it all happen. Like to play a key role in making events like trade shows, fundraisers, and milestone celebrations come into fruition? This is right for you.

Asset Management

If you have a interest in finance, then this focus is the choice for you. As an asset manager, you could ultimately work for real estate investment trusts, consulting companies, and holding companies. Knowledge in the areas of corporate finance, risk management, and revenue management are a must in order to become an efficient asset manager.

Choosing to obtain a hospitality degree at Kendall College in Chicago gives you the edge over all the competition. It was ranked the number one program for preparing students for hospitality management careers by Chicago's leading hotels. Put your "people person" attitude to good by getting started on your hospitality degree today. 


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