Are There Security Benefits to A Dedicated Ethernet?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 11:47am

While wireless internet has become the new standard for online convenience, there are many advantages to acquiring dedicated Ethernet services for your business, not the least of which is enhanced security.

Wireless vs. Ethernet Cable
A dedicated Ethernet line often provides more reliable service than a wireless connection, requires less hardware to install, and is less complicated that wireless internet. However, one of the most important benefits to dedicated Ethernet services is a higher level of security.

Although an Ethernet cable connected directly to your computer means that laptops and mobile devices cannot connect to your network wirelessly, it also eliminates the potential for wireless "eaves-dropping," and the possibility of network hacking is greatly reduced.

Wireless “Eaves-Dropping”?
Wireless networks are susceptible to eavesdropping over airwaves, because wireless routers transmit internet signals through a radio frequency. Without privacy measures, this frequency is subject to interception from malignant parties nearby.

The development of Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) has been and continues to be an effective security measure against the vast majority of attackers, however advances in hacker technology and an increase in hacking activity worldwide means that attackers have developed methods in-step with security developments in wireless internet.

With a network security key and router firewall, this is a very rare occurrence, and businesses can generally rely on the security of their wireless system.

Ethernet Systems Enhance Security
While the possibility of your business' wireless internet security being compromised is still very remote, the use of Ethernet cables eliminates the possibility, because would-be attackers must physically tap into the line, which is a much harder task. Therefore, businesses that require a higher level of security, such as those that maintain medical records, financial records, or other sensitive information, might want to consider the higher security and simplicity of a dedicated Ethernet system.

More Benefits of Ethernet Systems
Businesses generally need more bandwidth than private users, and Ethernet systems can provide all the bandwidth needs of even the largest business.

With the line connected directly to the computer, many of the glitches associated with wireless service are eliminated. Computers far away from a wireless router receive unreliable signal strength, but Ethernet cables provide the same level of bandwidth consistently to all computers on the network.

The benefits can eliminate the frustration associated with wireless connections and give your business a competitive edge. However, the added security of dedicated Ethernet services is a one many businesses just cannot afford to miss.  


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